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Exploring Nirvana Singapore: Unveiling Columbarium Prices and Offerings

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The Grand Hall located just next to the Columbarium is also known as the Heavenly Abode. This exquisite building has a unique eastern architectural design with a mix of modern concept. It is an ideal venue for family ceremonies and functions. At the bottom of the Grand Hall, there is a water feature called the Silent Waters. Steps away from the Grand Hall is the Ancestral Tablet Insertion wall designed to cater to the burial needs of people of different faiths. Finally, the central ceremonial court provides an authentic and traditional setting for a variety of religious functions.

Its ultra-modern and state-of-the-art facilities include a fully air-conditioned Columbarium, where the interior is carefully designed for a peaceful, tranquil and conducive environment ensuring a harmonious final resting place for your loved ones. Other facilities include innovative niches, i.e. a 5-tier insertion reception that aids in easy accessibility for the elderly, followed by the specially designed round shaped private Family Niches Cluster allowing family members to gather and visit their ancestors in a private and exclusive area that creates a harmonious atmosphere for prayers. The advanced technology used to build the Family Niches Cluster provides a weather-free environment as it is sheltered by specially designed sloping shelters with transparent canopies that provide natural illumination. Inbuilt drainage keeps the area clean and dry all year round and also avoids leakages of any sort to the lower tier. A viewing gallery located at the top tier provides a mesmerizing view of the entire internal courtyard layout of the niches.

Nirvana Memorial Garden (Columbarium) is Singapore’s biggest and most advanced private memorial park. It was officially opened to the public on 28 February 1999. Located within an idyllic setting of rolling hills and calm waters, it is situated next to TPE (towards Changi Airport) and easily accessible from both Tampines Expressway as well as Upper Changi Road. Boasting a total land area of 28 hectares, it is by far the only one of its kind with comprehensive facilities for traditional religious rites of various faiths while accommodating their different needs and requirements.

About Nirvana Singapore

Nirvana Memorial Park was founded in Singapore in 2000. Combining such world-famous fengshui consultants as Malaysia Master Jin Leong and India Master Hui Chi Yew, the fate of Nirvana Memorial Park not only gained reputation and popularity, but the demand for premium products and services also increased rapidly. Since the establishment of Nirvana Memorial Park, it has changed the mindset and traditions of the Chinese community towards afterlife services, which have always been seen as a taboo subject as they are often associated with negative or painful events. By providing a series of consultancy services, Premium Lian Fu burial plots with its value-added features and services, Aussen Columbarium System, and Life Plan built a new image towards traditional burial and at the same time encouraged the Chinese community to plan ahead for their afterlife services, freeing their loved ones from the trouble of making rushed and emotional decisions in the future.

Importance of Columbarium Prices and Offerings

It is crucial to further the study of religion and spirituality, as it does not only serve as a guide for society and public policy, but also a method of promoting individual and collective identity. It is also key towards enhancing individual welfare as well as promoting social goodwill and public order. One of the ways to further this study is to compare the funeral and afterlife industry in societies of different cultures and religions. Here we attempt to compare Singapore and Taiwan, in which in recent years, there have been proposals for the building of new columbaria in both countries. This issue is of particular public interest and concern in Singapore and Taiwan, where land scarcity is a very prevalent issue. Because of this and various land use planning concerns, the act of developing new sites for public and private burial in both countries has become a politically sensitive issue. Both the Singapore and Taiwan governments have implemented a similar policy in which land scarce issues and to consolidate space in the building of new columbaria, they encourage the building of indoor columbaria. These are shared similar concerns with building new indoor columbarium and in this paper we aim to compare the issues in Singapore and Taiwan to see how the policy was implemented differently.

Columbarium Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore progresses with the times by providing the best services to complete the overall lasting tribute programme. The programme aims to offer a more permanent and dignified manner of honouring loved ones, thus inviting a sense of peace and tranquility. This is provided through the columbarium, whereby urns are placed permanently in niches. Nirvana’s idea of a peaceful permanent resting place is reflected in the serene surroundings of the columbarium. Beautifully landscaped, the lush greenery and soothing waters offer an ideal setting for loved ones to remember those who have passed on. The ambience facilitates the mental and spiritual concentration necessary to properly honour and remember the deceased. To compliment the surroundings, a convenient waiting area is provided for the comfort of visiting family and friends.

Columbarium Facilities and Amenities

Facilities at Nichiren Shu, located on the 7th storey of The Splendour, are all provided with a peaceful and solemn ambiance. There are mainly 5 niche types ranging from 2nd class to Deluxe suite rooms. All the niches have proper ventilation and are secured with clear glass panels from the external environment. Our Double and Single niches have opaque glass panels to create a peaceful and serene environment for the customers to perform their last rites (Please do not alter or remove such glasses). All the niches are air-conditioned to ensure the comfort of our customers and properly maintained by our professional staff. There are prayer cubicles located outside the Double-Suite Class Niches. This allows the family to gather and perform their last rite such as urn transfer to another urn prior to niche reservation and maintenance. Different from traditional urn burial, in a 2nd class niche, a family or 2 families can place one urn each in the ground. Customers will need to dig an appropriate-sized hole and place the urn in, then cover it. A steel plate of specific size and details will be provided by us to ensure future excavation work will not disturb remains. Located away from the noise and other activities, there is a special section being allocated for pet memorial. This section will be developed in stage 2, and it is a suitable place for pet lovers to keep the memory of their pet by performing their last rite.

Types of Columbarium Niches

Niche collector units are basically a type of metal rack with built-in niches partitioned by wooden planks or glass casings. Every new niche can be sold to the public, or specifically to niche seekers. There are generally 3 types of niche collector units. The single-sided type is accessible from one side, allowing installation against a wall, with a possibility of a second unit installed back-to-back. The double-sided type is accessible from either side with all inner niches directly facing an opposite niche. These double-sided units are not common and very rare, as this requires a large area to allow access from both sides. The most common is the freestanding unit, allowing access from all four sides and thus more flexibility. Niche collector units are usually capable of stacking on top of each other to save space and reduce cost for the developer. This means a niche seeker can opt to purchase a lower-level niche for easier access, or a higher-level niche at a lower cost. Some niche collector units are built too low for a person to comfortably and respectfully urn their respects, so it would be best to ensure the niche level is suitable. Niches are usually sold for perpetuity, or a fixed number of years, after which the developer can opt to extend the lease, exhume remains of the deceased and resell the niche. Buyers are urged to take heed of the niche lease and ensure the purchased niche can be utilized for its intended purpose.

Additional Services Offered

Nirvana Memorial Garden could be seen to have revolutionized the way of traditional ancestor worship with their concept of an air-conditioned columbarium, complete with warm lighting and contemporary furniture. The concept of moving images and sound at the niches brings a sense of familiarity and homeliness, which will be appealing to everyone who visits. There is also a directory at the entrance of the columbarium which enables visitors to locate their ancestors’ niches with ease. Besides that, the additional services provided could assist in providing a complete peace of mind for the family, that the deceased is blessed with the best possible comfort in the afterlife. That being said, the price of an HDB flat, the comfort of a private property, was certainly something hard to say no to. An investment in a niche with Nirvana Memorial Garden will definitely offer a comfortable resting place for the family in generations to come.

The idea of spending the rest of eternity in a dark, dim, spooky, and eerie place may not be appealing to some. Spending time looking for a parking space, fighting the elements, or wandering lost in an expanse of walls in inclement weather is not always the most pleasant experience. This is where Nirvana Memorial Garden stands out from the rest of the columbarium.

Additional services offered by Nirvana Memorial Garden, such as Buddhistic chanting, live band, and drink reception, could be seen as a commitment to helping the family reciprocate their final respect for the deceased.

Columbarium Price Options

Pricing for different columbarium niches Exploring Nirvana Singapore provides various price options for the different niches on offer. The common niches can be found at Mandai Columbarium, while the rest of the other niche types can be found mainly at the 3 columbariums at 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, one at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery and also a columbarium at the Buddhist lodge. Pricing for the niches are differentiated between Buddhist and Taoist niches, and the Resting Place and Nirvana niches. The common niches are the cheapest, ranging from $1000 to $2500, while the more prestigious choices can cost from $10000 all the way up to $20000. This largely depends on the location, as a Buddhist Resting Place niche can cost $10000, but the same niche at the Nirvana section can cost up to $16000. Usually the price for a double niche is twice the price of a single niche. Special urn niches are also available at a range from $5000 to $10000. Buddha Hall tablets can vary between $800 to $2,000, depending on the size of the tablet. Ancestor tablets can range from $1000 to $3000, and finally, public niche tablets range from around $200 to $400. 3.2. Factors affecting columbarium prices There are many factors which can affect the cost of columbarium services. The location is one of the key factors, and the price of the niche can vary depending on if it is located in an air-conditioned area as opposed to a non-air-conditioned area. The reputation of the service provider can also play a part, as some religious organizations have a good standing and can charge more for their services. The niche type itself will also affect the price, as mentioned in section 3.1. The amount of years for the lease will also vary the cost of the niche, with a longer lease period costing more. Finally, the columbarium services themselves such as niche installation and upkeep, and plaque polishing services can affect the overall cost to the consumer.

Pricing for Different Columbarium Niches

Charges on the acquisition of niches in the columbarium differ for the niches of different sizes. Niches vary in size and price, with the smallest accommodating up to two urns and larger niches accommodating up to eight urns. This is targeted at families who wish to have a common location to be able to visit and remember deceased members of the family. Prices of niches are as follows: Single Niche – $2,500.00 1st tier of Double Niche (2 urns) – $4,600.00 2nd tier of Double Niche (4 urns) – $5,600.00 Family Niche – to be priced at a later date Besides the niches, The Stupa will also offer a Diamond Mandala Urn, which serves as an art piece and container to hold the ashes of the deceased. This is priced at $2,000.00. The coming soon segment also includes the introduction of ash burial plots as an alternative to ash niches. Prices for niches and ash burial plots will take effect from 1st June 2017. Adhering to the levy freeze announced by the government, The Stupa wishes to make it affordable to the masses to have a conducive place to store the ashes of their loved ones and have a place to remember them. Our price offerings are relatively lower or on par with that of the public columbariums managed by NEA.

Factors Affecting Columbarium Prices

When it comes to pricing, consumers can equip themselves with knowledge on the different existing price ranges. One way to classify the different price categories is by the type of niches offered. Geographical factors and the renown of the columbarium affect its price. A well-established columbarium situated in a prime location is likely to have its niches priced considerably higher than that of a smaller and lesser-known columbarium. Demand and supply of niches are another determining factor. In areas with high population density such as Bishan, the prices of niches are significantly higher compared to those in the outskirts areas. The niche prices are also affected by the number of niches available. The lesser the number, the higher the price and vice versa. Factors affecting Nirvana Singapore prices include location, demand, supply, and niche availability. The location of the columbarium plays a crucial role in determining its price, as columbariums located in prestigious areas tend to have higher prices compared to those in less desirable locations. The factors to be taken into account for the pricing of columbarium niches: – Location and renown of columbarium – Demand and supply of niches – Number of niches offered

Payment Plans and Financing Options

However, the price tag may be, it is essentially still rent. A typical lease for a niche is about 15 years, a relatively short period compared to around 30 years from government-built niches. If the lessee has died before the expiry of the lease, his/her relatives are given a one-month period for reclaiming a niche of equal pricing, failing which the ashes will be collected and stored in an unmarked grave at the respective columbarium. This restriction and the general rise in columbarium prices have made the option of niche ownership less desirable for some. This has led to some seeking alternative financing options.

In an attempt to offer exquisite and reputable columbarium services, most of them are charging a premium for their niches. As observed from Nirvana columbarium scheme, it is relatively easy to ascertain those premium-priced niches, easily signified by their accessibility and “ambience.” This is more noticeable within designated niches (inclusive of a memorial tablet). Priced from $6000 to a staggering $18888, such niches are notably similar to those seen at temple columbarium walls and are specifically targeted by those with a higher level of devotion to their ancestors’ heathenistic traditions. With easy accessibility and its pledge of maintenance, the prices for Christian and Taoist niches are more consistent, not swaying much above and below the $5000 mark. At the lowest level, Buddhist ash-keeping areas are mainly priced at $2888, including payment for ash-keeping in an urn and maintenance fees for the structure.

Choosing the Right Columbarium

To narrow down a suitable resting place, one should select a columbarium based on location and accessibility. Families and friends who are likely to make frequent visits to columbaria will need a location which is easily accessible due to logistical concerns such as the transportation of food and other supplies for offerings. In addition, columbaria which are located in more remote areas may have lower upkeep in terms of maintenance and cleanliness. The downside of such columbaria is that they are often harder to get to and may not even have proper public transportation to get there. These issues are often compounded for the elderly who may have difficulty walking and cannot drive. A simple solution would be to find a columbarium that is located near the homes of family members to facilitate easy visiting for everyone. This trade-off between accessibility and upkeep is one that must be weighed against each individual’s situation and preference. When considering various columbaria, the reputation and reviews are invaluable in determining the quality of end-of-life services and the environment of the columbarium. It is important to distinguish between the reputation of the company that owns the columbarium and the actual quality of the end-of-life services provided. Companies with strong reputations such as religious organizations which have branched into providing end-of-life services are likely to have employees who are sincerely dedicated to their work and hardworking. This generally results in higher quality services as compared to organizations who are profit-driven. However, the varying standards and work ethics of employees from the same company at different points in time can mean that the quality and environment of certain columbaria can change. This is where reviews from other customers become invaluable in getting information on the actual situation of individual columbaria. It is important to take heed of both positive and negative reviews as well as reviews of different time periods in order to get a balanced and accurate impression of the columbarium.

Location and Accessibility

Sungei Tengah Columbarium is not located a short distance from CK Columbarium. Its location is more secluded, being surrounded by overgrown vegetation and a rural environment. The nearest bus stop is around a 15-20 minute walk. This location is more suitable for those who would prefer more privacy and a tranquil environment. However, it would not be suitable for those who do not own a car as the traveling and accessibility convenience is very low.

Choa Chu Kang (CK) Columbarium, for example, is located nearly adjacent to an industrial estate. The environment is peaceful and serene, and according to local culture, having a home near such locales will enhance the qi around the home. The nearest MRT station (public transportation) is a short bus ride away and the bus stop is located directly in front of the columbarium. There is a fast food restaurant located within the industrial estate, and other basic amenities such as photo-printing shops, mama shops, and mini-marts. For those in need of a serene environment and yet do not wish to be too far from civilization, CK Columbarium is an excellent choice.  The Nirvana columbarium Singapore is easily accessible and offers a peaceful environment. It is situated in the heart of a residential area, making it convenient for visitors to pay their respects to their loved ones.

Reputation and Reviews

As being a part of the funeral service sector in Singapore, Nirvana has had various pieces of feedback and reviews regarding its services and quality. As per different government agencies and news articles on religious housing in Singapore, Nirvana still does not hold a strong reputation as a Buddhist funeral service provider. This is suggested by the fact that Nirvana’s funeral parlour at Punggol is not heavily promoted and many of the funeral services undertaken by Singaporean Buddhists are still being held at void deck area and the new-found Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Press Release on Void Deck Funerals. This is a clear contrast to the level of service undertaken at Taiwan by Nirvana where funeral and religious services are held in temples and their very own Nirvana-owned funeral parlours and columbaria.

Reputation and reviews of a columbarium can influence the decision-making process of choosing the right one for a deceased family member. Consumer feedback and reviews are often listed on internet forums and websites specializing in funeral services. However, the current word on the market is that some reliable forums and information websites have been told to remove their content on columbaria due to alleged pressure from the Housing Development Board. Feedback helps to create a public perception of the quality of the service. From consumer feedback, it is generally known that government-run columbaria provide a less extravagant service in terms of facilities and service staff but are of a uniformed good quality. Private columbaria have sometimes been linked to cases of providing below-standard services and even closure with the inability to refund affected customers.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

It is important to consider the cultural and religious aspects of the departed and their loved ones when you are looking for a final resting place. The location and atmosphere of the columbarium can be especially important to certain Chinese and Hindu families. Buddhists (as well as those who are influenced by Buddhist teachings) may want to consider a place that is peaceful and spiritually uplifting, for example a location with scenic surroundings and good chi. Younger people from every religion and culture should consider the comfort of the elderly relatives of the departed. Succession should also be considered, especially if you are of the younger generation and have an aging parent using a wheelchair. Although it is difficult for the living to visualize what is good for the deceased, the considerations demonstrated in this paragraph will help to ensure that an informed decision is made. All of these considerations can affect the choice of the right columbarium in accordance with the religious or cultural beliefs of the departed and their loved ones. nirvana columbarium singapore The columbarium’s architecture and design should reflect the religious or cultural beliefs. For example, a Chinese family may prefer a columbarium with traditional Chinese architectural elements and decorations, while a Hindu family may opt for a columbarium that incorporates Hindu religious symbols and motifs. In this global society, people of other cultures and religions here in Singapore may want to consider a place that is compatible with their own cultural or religious practices. This is especially important if the departed was the first generation of the family to live in Singapore.

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